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History of Lamb Stone Company

Lamb Stone Company, Inc. is a fourth generation family-owned business. In the stone-rich land of Sand Mountain in Blount County, Alabama, Henry J. Brown began quarrying rock in the 1920’s. He also worked as a stone mason installing stone. His work continued into the 1950’s. In 1956, his only daughter, Nadine, married Bobby Lamb and by the late 1950’s Bobby became involved in the stone business as well. In the 1960’s, Bobby Lamb, Nadine Lamb and Henry J. Brown began operating as Lamb Stone Company and the business was incorporated in 1969. Bobby and Nadine Lamb retired in 2004.

The Company is still owned and managed by the family, and we are happy to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our company this year!

Meet Our Team

Tim Lamb

Tim Lamb


Tim was 16 when he started working in his family’s stone business. He began gathering and stacking stones from surrounding mountains and quarries in the summers. As he grew older he worked as a stone Mason leading teams of other masons on residential and commercial projects throughout the Southeast. He then transitioned into project management until he took over company ownership in 2004.

Tim has put heart and soul into the business for his entire life and the business continues to flourish after 65+ years. After years of hard work and dedication Lamb Stone Company is now a 4th generation family business.


Harold Holland

Harold Holland

Maintenance Manager and Sales Representative

Harold has been with Lamb Stone for 45 years. Harold started as a truck driver and eventually took the role as lead mechanic for the fleet.

Throughout his career he’s helped with a variety of positions including gathering and stacking stone, making stone deliveries, and being the plant maintenance manager.

Justin O'Dell

Justin O'Dell

Fabrication Plant Manager / Project Estimation / Sales Representative

Justin has been with Lamb Stone for 11 years. He started his career working in the saw plant and has experience working in every postion with the company.

He has experience in sawing and producing stone material, plant management, sales, and project management. He is currently a Project Manager.

Justin’s duties involve performing plan take offs, and overseeing residential and commercial jobs from start to finish.

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