Installing Real Rock® Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Thin Stone Veneer can be applied on nearly any prepared surface, including concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall and even metal. The surface must be cleaned.

Surface Preparation

surface preparation for real rock natural thin stone veneer installation

1.  Painted surfaces must be sand-blasted, or otherwise stripped of paint. If all paint is not completely removed, secure a metal lath to the wall, 6″ on center.

2.  For exterior surfaces, install a vapor barrier first, then metal lath.

3.  For surfaces with frame construction (plywood, drywall or rigid foam), nail metal lath to wall securely, 6″ on center.

4.  Apply a scratch coat (2 parts washed sand to 1 part Type S cement mix) to lath.

5.  Rake horizontal grooves in the scratch coat.

6.  Allow to cure.



Image of Real Rock Natural Thin Stone Veneer Installation - Application Step1.  Arrange stones to desired fit prior to installation.

2.  Mix rich mortar at least 5 minutes, until consistency is creamy like cake frosting.

3.  Clean veneer surfaces. Wash stone completely, if needed. Slightly dampen backside of clean stone, freeing dust and preventing moisture loss from mortar.

4.  Using trowel, apply rich mortar approximately 1/2″ thick to wall.

Image of Real Rock Natural Thin Stone Veneer Installation - Application Step5.  Apply thin coat of rich mortar on backside of stone, evening surface pits and bumps for a stronger bond.

6.  Press stone into wall mortar, rotating slightly and forcing some mortar to squeeze out at edges. Remove excess mortar with trowel, joint tool or brush before it sets.

7.  Use a grout bag to fill joints. As mortar stiffens, tool to the desired depth and brush off all excess. Do not let any mortar harden on the face of any stone.

8.  Remove excess dirt or film using clean water and stiff brush.

Most Popular Real Rock® Patterns:

Real Rock® patterns require tooling by the mason to achieve the results shown on the samples.

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