The Ledge pattern consists of rectangular pieces of Mountain Fieldstone Rubble or Quartzite Sandstone – a type of durable authentic Southern Appalachian Stone™. The stones in the Cottage Rustic Ledge pattern are less than 3 inches tall and of various lengths. This stone pattern also has the option to be installed with or without visible mortar to achieve your desired look.

This pattern features a blend of natural cleft face stone and split face stone. Natural cleft face stone is cut with the grain to highlight the of the stone face. Split face stone is cut against the grain to showcase the natural veining.

The Cottage Rustic Ledge stone pattern is also available in two depths – Thin Stone Veneer and Thick Wall Stone. Real Rock® Thin Stone Veneer is a revolutionary thin stone option – typically about 1 ½ inches deep. It can be applied to virtually any light weight bearing surface without additional framing or support. Thick Wall Stone is a full-bed depth stone that must be applied to surfaces that can bear weight.

Both Real Rock® Thin Stone Veneer and Thick Wall Stone are authentic stone, so they are naturally resistant to weather and sun. This means they can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor projects.

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